Full Service Fertilization & Pest Control

Before any actual turf or ornamental care products are applied, our trained technicians will complete a thorough inspection of your property. Our inspection includes soil testing that will help to determine the level of nutrients in the soil, and enables us to strategically plan what fertilizers and other nutrients your turf needs to thrive and grow. Once we have completed the inspection, we will draw up a lawn care schedule tailored specifically to meet your yard care needs.

Our Agronomics Program includes:

  • Pre-emergent applications to help prevent weed growth.
  • Disease control that prevents your turf from becoming infected or suffering fungus wilt.
  • Pesticide protection measures to control and prevent the risk of pest infestations.
  • Slow release granular and liquid fertilizers designed to provide the healthiest turf possible.
  • Phosphorus free and lake-friendly fertilization that keeps your environment safe.

All applications meet Best Management Practices guidelines set forth by our state and local governments and the University of Florida. Our techs are trained in the Green Industries Best Management Practices Program. The Green Industries Best Management Practices (GI-BMP’s) are designed to preserve and protect Florida’s water resources from non-point-source pollution. The BMP’s cover proper fertilization, pest control, irrigation, and cultural practices for landscape and pest control professionals.

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Why Photoscape?

We have built our company on guaranteed results.
This means that we offer free service calls and retreatments to guarantee the results you want.
Our team goes above and beyond and our customer service is superior second to none. Our products and treatments are minimally-invasive and eco-friendly. Our team goes through rigorous training and is equipped to deal with any problem that arises.
Our technicians stay updated with the latest industry developments, new & eco-friendly products, and advanced techniques, allowing them to provide you with the highest level of lawn care services.


At Photoscape, we encourage our technicians to further their education through our fully-funded education program that provides advanced certification in plant and turf management.